Louis is an adorable bear inspired by classics teddies. His friends, Jesse the fox, Mimi the bunny, Suzie the cat and himself are sewn in classic and simple knits, enhanced by a hand embroidered face. Hard to resist their tiny round belly.

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Louis is an explorer. He slips into bags to travel where he wishes. He likes to walk around to discover new spots, and to rest to observe people. You can follow his adventures here.

Jesse is a builder. He constructs homes everywhere he goes, sometimes a house, sometimes a tipi, a yurt or even a small caravan. He likes to create spaces to live in and imagine all kinds of stories.

Mimi is a nervous bunny. To relax, she likes to watch the clouds passing through the sky. She also reads to occupy her thoughts and drinks calming tea.

Suzie is a curious cat. She looks everywhere to find how things work and why. No question is too small for her.

Sally is a problem solver. She resolve all sorts of things before breakfast, and spends the rest of the day playing.

The limited series

Ellie is an illustrator. She has a great eye to draw precisely what she sees, but she prefers to let her imagination go. Her specialty is drawing portraits and adding some magic to it, an enchanted background or a completely new facial feature like a rabbit nose or fox ears.

Benny is an inventor. He makes tiny machines that serve no purpose but are adorable.

Frankie is a very detail oriented dinocroco. He does everything with precision – cut veggies for a soup in perfect 1 cm cubes or make his bed without a single wrinkle.

Jackie is a baker. She loves to watch her loaves rise in the oven. She never bakes the same sweets twice, always changing the recipe to fit her mood or what is in the pantry.

Materials, care & security

Each animal is sewn with love and attention with new knits. Its face is hand embroidered with merino wool thread. It has posable arms. It’s filled with polyester fiber (new materiel only). It measures approximately 20 cm tall.

This product can be machine washed, in cold water. I also recommend slipping it into a wash bag or a closed pillow case. No dryer, air dry only. All my product are made in a cat friendly studio, it’s always good to wash them before sleeping with them.

I follow the Health Canada regulation for doll and soft toys, so these are suitable for babies under 36 months. The accessories that may accompany this doll is recommended for children over 3 years old or on supervision (small pieces).



Rousskine commits to repair all their toys for free within normal use. Animals that encounter an accident or extreme use to due many years of love will be repaired for a small fee.

If you have questions or comments on this product, don’t hesitate to write to amour@rousskine.com .