The Rousskine dolls are sewn in small collections, each one is unique. They will charm you with their wistful face, soft hair and colorful outfits.

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Lorie loves the woods. She strolls for hours everyday. Sometimes she pretends she’s animal or a fairy. More often, she searches for treasures – sparkly rock, tiny acorn, enormous pine cone, fascinating leave or even a pretty branch. She gathers what seems precious and arranges it with care in her house. 

Rose loves the rain. She looks at the sky every night to predict the weather for the next day. One in three times she’s right. When it finally rains, she puts on her raincoat and boots and rushes to go jump in puddles. In the summer, she goes out in her bathing suit and twirls around watching the rain fall. The umbrella might be pretty, but she believes it’s the worst invention. 

James loves to cook. He is an excellent chef, especially for vegetarian meals. He doesn’t like meat very much, but can’t get enough of mash potatoes and grapefruit (separately). He is not so good at baking, his pastry is rarely a success. When it’s really not edible, he feeds birds and raccoons. He likes to watch raccoons eat like humans (with their front paws)

Billy loves wood. He sculpts it with a knife to create lovely small statuettes. His house is full of them. Sometimes he plays with them, but he prefers to simply observe them and imagine their story. Lorie joins him once in a while – when she brings him branches perfect for sculpting.

Materials, care & security

Each doll is sewn with love and attention out of new and recycled fabric. Her hair is made out of a recycled sweater. Her face is sceen printed in Montreal with water based ink on a rayon fabric. She is filled with polyfill (new material only). She measures approximately 23 cm tall.

Even with « wooly » hair, a Rousskine doll can be machine wash, just be sure to set your machine to delicate and cold water. I also recommend putting her in a cleaning bag or closed pillowcase. Do not put her in the dryer, air dry only. All the products in my shop are made in a cat friendly studio, so you might want to wash your doll before sleeping with her. 

I follow the Health Canada regulation for doll and soft toys, so these are suitable for babies under 36 months. The accessories that may accompany this doll is recommended for children over 3 years old or on supervision (small pieces).



Rousskine commits to repair all their toys for free within normal use. Dolls that encounter an accident or extreme use to due many years of love will be repaired for a small fee.

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